Why a Ruse? Eh?

The Ruse Invented:

Many people wish to know the story of how this very ruse came about. First off, we all like the word ruse. That is not the only thing driving us, mind you. We enjoy partaking in ruses at all hours of the day. At school, at home, in the car, at work or at play, we are always out to trick someone. The ruse, after all, is the crafty trick!

We were all there that fateful day. Dave, Tom, Scott, Paul, and Bond. Where exactly? The train, the Long Island Railroad train, Port Washington branch. We were on the way to a Beck concert at the Roseland in NYC. Bond was reading the grand newspaper The Daily News. The comic section, no less. So, as we were making fun of the publication Tom said, "Yeah, The Daily Ruse!" I laughed, and I declared that we should so forth make a web site called... DAH-DAH! The Daily ! So, here it is. If you really like it, think it's the crappiest piece of shit to ever grace the web, or if you have some good stories of your own, please mail us at TheRuse@dailyruse.com.

What kind of ruses do we do? Well, read our pages to find out. On the other hand, you may wish to know now. Like any others our age, we enjoy prank calling. One time we got a really fucked up old woman on the phone, for example, and scared her so badly we actually caused a heart attack. (Ok, so maybe we didn't cause it. So maybe we don't even know if she had one. So maybe we don't even know who she is. But you see my point). Our greatest ongoing ruse is the chicken costume! The chicken costume is a made-in-china cheap-peice-of-hairy-chicken costume, but we like it anyway.

The costume is hot and uncomfortable, so we make Paul or Scott's Sister wear it in the summer. We then go about town with the Giant Chicken and Dave, who is the reporter. He interviews people about the chicken while the chicken performs antics such as washing windows at a gas station, running laps on the track, or buying fare on the train. Please visit our wee page all about the antics of the Giant Chicken.

Now, I bid you adeiu!